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We don’t offer a “One-size-fits-all” training package.

Hi there, I’m Kelly Scott – the founder and owner of ForeverStrong. If you’ve tried traditional gyms or ‘one-size-fits-all’ programs but haven’t seen results then I’ve got exactly what you need.

At ForeverStrong each Client has a personalized Plan. It’s a stand-alone comprehensive fitness solution. The right movements, the right intensity, the right frequency, the right timing and the right amount of change – unique to you. So as your body adapts, so does your program. We don’t just work plans, we take time at specific review dates to look back and assess. This way the plan changes as your body changes, so you never plateau.

Our Keys to Ensure Your Success are:

  • Personalized Fitness System
  • The ForeverStrong Fitness Formula
  • Slim & Successful System
  • The ForeverStrong Nutritional Foundation

The Fulton Personal Training System


A Personalized Fitness System


The ForeverStrong Fitness Formula


Slim & Successful System


The ForeverStrong Diet

Clients of the Month
    Testimonial Picture of Frank T (2)
    “ForeverStrong for 5 months now”

    “I’ve only been training ForeverStrong for 5 months!”

    The individualized attention from my instructors keeps me going. Kelly and her team have helped me stay on track and helped me learn so much about how to get back in shape. I feel so much better about myself thanks to ForeverStrong.

    I’m having the best year of my life! Look at me! If I can do it you can too!

    Frank T
    Testimonial Picture of Christina T (2)
    “... strength work is phenomenal and I feel awesome!”

    I would never have believed I would ever have full range of motion in my knees ever again. But with strength training, I believe the muscular support to the knee has given me a new lease of life.  Read her full story>>>

    Christina T
    *While we work extremely hard to get the best results for all of our clients, there’s no guarantee of specific results and results may vary.

Together We’ll Find a Plan That’s Perfect For YOU

    Intro Workout

    Our ForeverStrong Personalized Fitness System is tailored people of all fitness levels who are looking for the best that strength training has to offer. By combining progressive strength training with high intensity finishers for fat loss– you will learn how to transform your body in the shortest amount of time.


    Workout Plus Our Kettlebell Course
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    Personalized Training

    Accelerate your fitness, lose fat, and build strength! At ForeverStrong each Client has a personalized Plan. It’s a stand-alone comprehensive fitness solution.

    • We Test Your Progress
    • We Track and Assess Your Progress
    • We Work With Your to Master the Best Exercises
    • We'll Teach You How to Maintain Safe, Effective Fitness
    • We'll Update Your Fitness Regime Based on Your Progress

    First Full Week


    for only $39 (Reg. $priceless)

    Other Fitness Options and Competition


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